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1   Remote FrameBuffer (aka VNC) server and client

2   telnet and shell client
    2.1   Related goodies
    2.2   History

 1. Remote FrameBuffer (aka VNC) server and client

Provides RFB (VNC) server and client, written entirely in Squeak. Both server and client implement a superset of the latest (version 3.3.7) RFB protocol published by RealVNC.com (with extensions to support local cursor handling in the popular TightVNC client).

The server transmits (or broadcasts) the Squeak desktop to remote VNC clients (either running natively on Unix, Mac or Windows, or running the Squeak client included in this same package).

The client connects to and displays a remote framebuffer (provided either from a VNC server running natively on Unix, Mac, Windows, etc., or from a remote Squeak image running the server included in this package).

To install, just grab RFB.33.cs and file it into a 3.6 image. Full documentation is included (see the class comments in RFBServer and RFBClient, and the help items on the associated menus).

Known problems:

 2. telnet and shell client

This was a ``weekend project'': a vt102/xterm terminal emulator and support for local (shell) and remote (telnet) login. For the curious, here's a screenshot. The telnet client should be completely portable; in particular, it should work on Mac and Windows.

What I have at the moment is:

If you want to try it out:
  1. if you're using a 3.2-3 VM then grab PseudoTTY-3.2-3.st and file it into a 3.2gamma (or later) image;
  2. if you're using a 3.2-4 (or later) VM then grab PseudoTTY-3.2-4.st and file it into a 3.2gamma (or later) image;
  3. then grab telnet.301.cs and file it into the same image;
  4. evaluate the following in a Workspace:
    TeletypeWindow open

The code has been tested and is known to work correctly in the 3.4 series of images.

Please send me bug reports, suggestions, etc. (but remember that it's just a ``weekend project'' and in no way meant to be a finished product). Also, note that the TeletypeMorph will only work in 3.2gamma and later because the Canvas protocol is a hopelessly moving target.

2.1. Related goodies

Ned Konz sent me some changes that make the TTY morph compatible with his keyboard layout preferences (for swapping control and other modifier keys). If you use his keyboard prefs and the TTY morph then you might want to file these in (the order is important):

  1. KeysAtValue-nk.2.cs
  2. KeyUnSwap-nk.2.cs
  3. TeletypeUnSwap-nk.1.cs

2.2. History

2003-02-18 v301. Fixed a problem with application cursor key mode, where the emulator was detecting the escape sequence but failing to update the keyboard mapping.
2002-10-16 v300. Fixed a nasty synchronisation bug. Occasional morphic drawing errors under very heavy load (reproducible by running top with zero second delay for example) should no longer occur. Smooth scrolling improvements came as a side-effect, and performance should be a little better all round. Also incorporated some changes from Ned Konz (thanks!!) that search for all installed monospaced fonts when opening the font menu.
2002-07-18 v298. Fixed typo preventing scrollback after switch from alternate to normal screen.
2002-07-17 v297. Implemented scrolling, selections, clipboard handling, persistent sessions, lots more preferences and terminal/vt options, etc. Cursor keys no longer confused with equivalent char codes generated from control keys. Minor modifications to PseudoTTY and socket code to make everything work cleanly across snapshot. This version is probably almost ``beta'' quality.
2002-07-10 v256. Fixed problem with BSD telnet servers. PTY support code rewritten and PseudoTTY/PseudoTTYPlugin classes modified accordingly for much better portability. (PTY code tested on GNU/Linux, NetBSD and Solaris.) Fixed off-by-1-pixel resize problem in TtyWindow when changing the label. Cleaned up reverse video mode which should now behave much more logically. Fixed the broken glyphs for ``' (backquote) and `'' (apostrophe) in the tty font.
2002-07-09 v253. Major cleanup of code. Persistent preferences, connection history, etc. Support for shell sessions as well as telnet through PseudoTTY and its plugin. Much improved colour handling. Added xterm emulation.
2002-07-01 v114. Initial release of a telnet client, a little rough around the edges.

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