Win32 Ini File Settings

The Win32 VM creates a file named Squeak.ini when it first starts. This file contains a variety of settings (mostly preferences) which should be preserved across sessions.

The name of the ini file always matches the name of the VM, which allows for having different preferences in different VMs. For example, a VM named "Squeak.exe" will look for "Squeak.ini" whereas a VM named "Hanoi.exe" will look for "Hanoi.ini".


All of the persistent Win32 VM Preferences are stored under [Global] section of the ini file. They are:

Security Settings

Entries appearing under the [Security] section of Squeak.ini control some of the sandbox functionality of Squeak

From a running Squeak image, these locations can be retrieved by evaluating
 SecurityManager default untrustedUserDirectory.
 SecurityManager default secureUserDirectory.

Deployment Settings

In addition to the above the ini file can contain the following entries in the [Global] section.

Custom short cuts: Quit menu: Splash screen settings: Single Instance Settings:


This sets the window title to "The Towers of Hanoi":

     WindowTitle="The Towers Of Hanoi"
This sets the image file to use "":

Alternatively, this will use an image file called which must be in the "data" sub-directory of the VM directory:

And this will use the image file from the given absolute location:

     ImageFile="C:\The Towers Of Hanoi\"
The following will disable, both the F2 preferences menu and the Alt-F4 quit dialog (in which case your only way to quit Squeak is via "Smalltalk quitPrimitive"):

And this is an example to customize the Alt-F4 quit dialog accordingly:

     QuitDialogMessage="Do you really want to quit the game?"
     QuitDialogLabel="The Towers of Hanoi"
The following shows the use of a custom splash screen for the towers of hanoi for at least two seconds:

     SplashTitle="The Towers of Hanoi"