Mac Squeak

Welcome. You have reached the primary site for distributions of Mac Squeak. (Distributions of Mac Squeak downloaded from other sites will often, but not always, be copies of the archives provided here.)

Squeak is a full-featured implementation of the Smalltalk programming language and environment based on (and largely compatible with) the original Smalltalk-80 system. Squeak has very powerful 2- and 3-D graphics, sound, video, MIDI, animation and other multimedia capabilities -- and one of the most impressive development environments ever created. It also includes a customisable framework for creating dynamic HTTP servers and interactively extensible Web sites. The entire Squeak system is open source software, distributed freely with a liberal license.

This page contains the latest releases of the Mac Squeak virtual machine.

Latest Release

These packages contain the latest release of Mac Squeak. The version history and release notes are at the end of this page.

What's your favorite version?
The Carbon Squeak VM 3.x/4.x should run on OS-X machines as far back as 10.2 This mostly is for EToys which has to run on really old macintosh computers that you find the USA school system.
The Cocoa Squeak/Cog VM 5.x needs OSX 10.5 (Leopard) or newer

There is a Continuous Integration Server building VMs for Cog/Stack versions, you can find latest versions here:

Cocoa Cog VM CogVM
Cocoa Stack VM StackVM


Cocoa Cog VM Squeak 5.8b12
Cocoa VM Squeak
Carbon VM Squeak 4.2.5beta1U

Older versions

If the above versions are too recent, many earlier releases are still available here or here.

Release History

2011-03-08 released. Small bugfix to make the image work with OSProcess plugin.
2011-02-02  5.7.4 released. Based on VMMaker 221 (Yeah, I need to improve this messages ;)
2011-01-27 released. Latest VM versions uploaded. No release is associated with it.
2011-01-27 released. This page was created. No release is associated with it.